Wings3D + POV-Ray 3.7, 2012

After my first failed attempt at the new SSLT feature on POV-Ray 3.7 using pool balls, I tried again with a related subject.

This time everything worked fine from the start, and the SSLT behaved really nice on the dominoes model I created with Wings3D. These consist on two separate halves, for each color, and a little metal tip on the white part (it’s mandatory here in Spain). The numbers were “carved” into the meshes with classic CSG, so I could make just one macro wich returns the appropiate piece for the two numbers passed as parameters.

To complete the effect I added some dirt and wear, but it really was challenging… the only quick way I found was to resort to image_maps, but they had to be done carefully to match the CSG holes.

The best thing about this scene is that it lead me to discover a really nice tool that it’s going to change (for better) the kind of scenes I can do. It all started when I thought that it would be nice to do a “domino effect” scene… but that’s another story, which I will tell you soon, very soon…