Take your meds!

Wings3D + Bullet Physics Playground+ POV-Ray 3.7, Oct-2012

I’m still playing with Koppi’s Bullet Physics Playground, but also slowly making some progress on enhacing it for better integration with POV-Ray.

This whole pharmaceutical series was a sort of test-bed to try my new additions: pre_sdl and post_sdl, two new object properties you can set on the LUA script to customise the SDL exported, before and after the transformation matrix. This way the exported file is ready to be included on your scene, and you can render inmediately after the simulation. I will be making a fork of Koppi’s project with these changes soon, I promise.

The series started with a simple “pills scene”, which then derived into a joke about an imaginary POVAGRA capsule. Both the capsule and the pot were modelled with Wings3D. For the prescription label, I just manipulated a real label found on the net (yes, a viagra one!).


Then, I envisioned some more scenes with the pharmaceutical theme… the first one was the “many pills” concept, where I just did let fall lots of pills. The pills, first 5 and finally 7 different ones, were modelled again with Wings3D. Of course I used non-smoothed versions of them for the collisions on the playground, then smoothed them one or two times for the render. The embossed texts are just gimp-made height_fields, differenced from the meshes. Following the same vein, I strangely came up with the plate scene, which I’m not sure what it represents… perhaps a mix of “take your meds!” and “eat your vegetables!”. Everything there is modelled again with Wings3D, ecept for the napkin, wich is a very good free model I found on archive3d.net (at first try!)